The Learning for Life Partnership

What we want to achieve as a Partnership

To build on our Mission, Values and Aims, we are ambitious about what we can achieve as a Partnership.

We have included our four key pillars below, which also showcase some of the inspiring staff and work already in place at our schools.

Leadership at every level:

  • The Learning for Life Partnership wants to empower leaders at every stage of their career. Central to this is the idea that every member of staff can grow, no matter where they are at in their career journey.
  • The capacity to strive for improvement is central to our ambition. Being a people-led Partnership will be achieved through a consistent focus on empowering and developing staff, tailored CPD training and the opportunity to work across schools.
  • The Learning for Life Partnership is seeking to share best practice with the wider sector, through both formal and informal channels. We pride ourselves on excellent leadership at every level. We want to be a Partnership which isn’t just an excellent place to work at, but “a good place to come from.”


Embedding ‘Psychological Safety’

  • Through the empowerment of all staff, and avenues such as our staff forum, we want to ensure everyone feels secure in the workplace and able to raise any issues.
  • By not relying on a strictly hierarchical system, we want to provide a blueprint for what professional collaboration looks like in a psychologically safe place.
  • Underpinning this all is a compassionate approach which is focused on wellbeing, thereby supporting both pupils and staff through a culture of relational practice.
  • A central tenet of this will be active learning from experience: this reflective exercise will allow us not only to rectify any issues, but also to celebrate positive work, both now and in the future.

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Redefining success:

  • We encourage a culture of excellence in every aspect of our Partnership.
  • We exist as a Partnership for our pupils, and we will focus on them in everything we do.
  • A key part of our Partnership’s offer is active improvement, helping schools to become the best possible versions of themselves. We will always strive to support our schools to be ‘Good’ or better.

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A culture of ambition:

  • Courage is one of our central values, and a key part of this is being unafraid of ambition. This extends from the pupils, through to the staff, schools and Partnership as a whole – and indeed, we are ambitious for our communities.
  • We are determined to provide pupils with a unique offer; leadership to the wider educational sector in our region and beyond, and the best teachers with the best CPD options available.
  • This will be supported through a sustainable growth in the number of schools which are part of our Partnership: This will allow us to offer broader experiences to pupils and colleagues, and gain further efficiencies in resources which can be reinvested in learning.

Staffing Success Stories