The Learning for Life Partnership is a dynamic and inclusive partnership that meets the diverse needs of the children who attend our schools through excellent service, teaching expertise, value for money and emotionally intelligent leadership.

The Learning for Life Partnership is a Multi-Academy trust currently based in East Cheshire but we are looking to grow beyond this area. The partnership is currently made up of five primary schools, Shavington Primary, Wheelock Primary, Wistaston Church Lane Academy and Leighton Academy (joining March 2018). All four of these schools are converter academies and have made an active decision to work in partnership to make sure that they achieve the best for the children in their schools.

We are a values driven Multi-Academy Trust and believe in collaboration and partnership working to benefit all children. The children in our schools are at the heart of our partnership and their needs come first.

Through a common set of core principles all of our schools are treated as equal partners. We have a flexible approach to our school leadership models to allow for the needs of individual schools to be catered for. We believe that schools are at the heart of the communities that they serve and the leaders in the schools are best placed to devise the correct curriculum and experiences for their children.

As each school is an equal partner of The Learning for Life Partnership we do not have a ‘lead school’ model. All schools, regardless of their OFSTED grades or data profiles have a contribution to make to other schools and areas they can improve on. Through collaborative working and sharing of practice the schools learn and improve together.

We are an organisation that believes we are stronger working in partnership rather than in isolation. We expect all of our schools to collaborate with others outside the partnership and welcome the learning that this brings.

Dan Thomas, Executive Headteacher & CEO

The Aims of The Learning for Life Partnership


To deliver:

A partnership of schools that offer diverse educational choices to their communities through:

•Growing the network of schools to allow for choice and specialism

•Supporting and challenging our schools to grow and develop

•Shared experiences and opportunities across the schools​

•Being at the top 25% of all schools for progress in the country


Strong leadership through:


•Allowing flexibility for schools own leadership models

•Providing line management and accountability frameworks

•Clear and effective governance structures


High quality teaching and learning for all children through:


•School based teaching and learning policies designed with the children in mind

•A unified ‘Teaching Charter’

•Freedom to innovate

•Curriculum models bespoke to each school

A clear identity for each school based upon their community’s needs by:

•Giving each school the flexibility to reflect their community, strengthened by core values

•Respecting the history of each school

A strong ‘support and challenge’ partnership through:

•Sharing of good practice

•Joint CPD opportunities

High quality services through:


•Joint procurement

•Shared services


The Principles of The Learning for Life Partnership:

  • Values and ethos

  • Independence

  • Emotionally Healthy Schools

  • Character and individuality

  • Excellent teaching

  • Research and development

  • Experiences

  • Partnership and honesty

The Learning for Life Partnership

Southbank Avenue,
Shavington, Crewe,
Cheshire. CW2 5DP


telephone: 01270 661527

email: danthomas@tlflp.co.uk

Registered in England and Wales number 9675372