Each Trust School retains their own delegated budget managed by the school leadership team. The current ‘top slice’ being charged to LFLP schools is variable dependant on the size of the school. This is providing a suite of services that the schools were currently receiving and being paid for via their own delegated budgets, but through the LFLP managing various services they are achieving a saving. The current model is based upon each school having a principal with a Director of Primary, providing additional school improvement support. If new schools were joining that didn’t need this service then the ‘top slice’ would be negotiated. The LFLP envisages that as the partnership grows so will a central team of people who would provide a variety of services.


The LFLP has appointed Jackson Stephen LLP as the accountants who audit their accounts.


The schools finance work is supported by their own Business Managers, the CFOO and the CEO as well as an independent internal assurance advisor and the external auditors. 


Our schools are in receipt of their Pupil Premium allocations and Sports Premium allocations. Details regarding the amounts received, spending plans and impact summaries are available from each school via their individual websites.



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