About Us

At the heart of The Learning for Life Partnership is the belief that every school is individual and should strive to engage with and be at the centre of their community. The Partnership is in the business of creating a network of such schools able to rapidly respond to community need complete with the freedom to provide the best possible experiences and opportunities for all the children in their care.

We recognise that every school has its own identity and personality and that although schools may have the same general aims no two schools are actually the same. The Partnership gains its strength through having the highest expectations of what a school should provide coupled with the belief that the experiences on offer to children are about educating the whole child alongside high academic expectations. We celebrate difference and make sure that we all learn from each other.

Although change is inevitable the Partnership does not believe in change for changes sake. Learning from the experiences of others and using tried and tested systems the Partnership grows as it changes whilst keeping the children in each school at the heart of all the decisions that are made.

Governance models offered by the Partnership are flexible. We believe that schools should have their own Local Governing Board, made up of members of their local community and parents. The primary role of the LGB is to ensure that the needs of children are met. The Partnership will work with an LGB by providing support through the Trusts Directors Board on an ongoing basis and can also provide stability and direction for ad-hoc situations via experienced governors drawn from other Partnership member schools. The Directors provide autonomy for those schools who don’t require support as converter academies and can work more closely with sponsored academies to enable them to achieve that level of autonomy.

The Learning for Life Partnership

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