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Why Join the Partnership?

System led change is at the heart of what the Partnership sets out to achieve. Whether we believe in the government approach or not we are growing a network of schools that is open, honest and willingly shares strengths and weaknesses to make all Partnership schools and their neighbouring cluster the best they can possibly be.​

We believe that everybody employed by the Partnership whatever their function should lead by example has a valuable voice and opinions and has an equal opportunity to excel.

Children should flourish and staff should grow as professionals and parents should grow in confidence that the media perception of the current state of education is not a reality for children in this Partnership. We engage with communities and parents to make sure the education of every child is enhanced to its full potential. Our central team support individual schools where necessary defining clear roles and responsibilities and enabling everyone to focus on the children. The provision of effective administration and strategic support are key Partnership deliverables.

We are an education trust. We offer a low risk approach to academy conversion and joining our partnership will not mean a lack of control or freedoms. You will be offered support and strategic direction, not a top-down set of instructions, allowing you to enable excellence in your school.


  • Working transparently in true partnership
  • Believing in children
  • Setting our own agenda for change
  • Protection from external agenda
  • Making tough decisions when necessary in a fair and transparent way

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