The Learning for Life Partnership

Staffing Success Stories

Photo JY Jo Young - Director of Primary

In April 2018, the school I was principal at (Leighton Academy) became the fourth school to join The Learning For Life Partnership. The decision was made as the governing board felt the vision and values aligned and it was clear that the business structures were such that school improvement was central to priorities. In January 2019 I took on the part time role as Director of Primary whilst still leading my own school. The trust supported me through the National Professional Qualification for Executive Leaders and I am now full time Director of Primary, having developed staff within Leighton to step up to principal and vice principal roles. I am working with all the principals in the trust and the CPD lead to ensure the pupils get the best possible teaching, in the best possible schools enabling the trust to be the best it can be and impact the system.  I have been so lucky to have been supported through further professional development and encouraged to network, enabling me to become a system leader and influence in a wider capacity. I am now completing a masters in educational research, working with the CEO on the impact of senior leadership apprenticeships on recruitment and retention.  I am excited to be a part of a strong trust with matching values and a focus on people and relational practice.




RR graduation2 Rachael Rivers - CPD Leader

It is always good to lead by example and so, as CPD leader for the Trust, it is important that I engage in personal development.  An opportunity arose for me to enrol on a Post Graduate course in Coaching and Mentoring at Edge Hill University and, with the support of the Learning for Life Partnership, I registered as a student on this new qualification.  Mentoring newly qualified teachers and university students has been an enjoyable part of my job for many years and I have relied upon my natural ability to support, encourage and guide new teachers.  This university course was my chance to investigate contemporary literature and evidence based learning around the subject of coaching and mentoring.  It was gratifying to learn that what had come naturally to me was backed up by theory.  I investigated new models of mentoring and wrote an assignment that included an action plan for future strategies that I could utilise in my work.  Happily, I passed the course and proved to myself that I am capable of writing critical, reflective pieces of work.   On Friday 23rd July 2021, I attended a graduation ceremony at Edge Hill university and met my lecturer and fellow students for the first time as the teaching sessions had run remotely for the entire year!   Having enjoyed the post graduate course, I am now on an Apprenticeship that is being funded by the Trust. 




Nova Harvey PhotoNova Harvey - Business & Operations Manager

I started my career in School Administration in 2001.  It didn’t take me long to realise that I loved the school environment and working in a school office, so I furthered my qualifications in Business & Finance by achieving a Certificate and a Diploma in School Business Management.

When the Primary school I worked at joined The Learning for Life Partnership in 2015 I was the School Business Manager (SBM).  I was soon fortunate to be offered the opportunity to hold a joint school and Trust role as SBM & Trust Operations Manager.

My Operations role in the Trust has now been increased to full time and this is a challenge I was ready for and am thoroughly enjoying.

I am acutely aware of and work within the parameters between the organisation and the employees and I now have the opportunity to add to my operational and strategic experience in Procurement, Employee Relations, Performance and Organisation Development, Recruitment, Safeguarding and HR projects.  I feel I am reaching my new potential to contribute and deliver greater things in this Trust in the very near future.




Miss Amy Brock   Vice Principal   SEN Co ordinator   001681941234 Amy Brock - Vice Principal at Shavington Primary School

In 2014, I joined Shavington Primary School as a Newly Qualified Teacher teaching in Key Stage 2 (KS2). I completed my Masters in Education in 2018 with the support of my Headteacher at the time, Dan Thomas. My middle leadership experience has been mostly in ICT where I have implemented new systems and processes for staff to collaborate effectively; held training sessions for software and systems; and introduced new resources to support the teaching and learning of the new Computing curriculum.

Since starting at Shavington, I have taught in Year 4, 5 and 6 and developed a good understanding of assessment in KS2. In 2019, I became the KS2 Senior Leader. As part of my Senior Leader role, I have worked collaboratively with fellow Senior Leaders on updating and implementing curriculum policies and ensuring that there was consistency throughout the key stages from EYFS to Year 6. In 2019, I also completed the NASENCo qualification and worked on individual cases alongside the SENCo.

Most recently, I have worked as an Acting Assistant Principal and Acting SENCo to support a secondment and then progressed onto becoming Vice Principal and SENCo for Shavington in September 2021. With the support from the trust, I have enrolled onto the Level 7 Apprenticeship with a MSc in Leadership and Management, which I look forward to continuing to develop my professional knowledge in this role.  




Siobhan Watts 2021 Siobhan Watts - Assistant Principal at Wheelock Primary School

Since working within the LFLP, I have been very fortunate to have had numerous opportunities to progress in my career. As a passionate teacher, I always wanted to become a leader so that I could have a wider school impact. The LFLP supported me with this career goal and I was successful in progressing from a classroom teacher at Leighton Academy to LKS2 Leader at Wheelock. I enjoyed the change of school as it gave me more experience and wider perspectives. The promotion enabled me to gain confidence, new skills and knowledge. After two years in the role, another exciting opportunity arose within Wheelock and I was able to progress further to Assistant Principal. Since taking on this new role, I have learnt so much and can’t wait to continue to progress in my skills and knowledge. The LFLP is extremely supportive and encourages professional development. I have also been funded by the partnership to complete a Masters degree in Leadership and Management. This is an opportunity I wouldn’t have had without working here. This degree will enable me to build on my existing skills and support me in becoming a better senior leader for my school and the LFLP.




Julia  low quality image Julia Gawn - Principal at Daven Primary School

When the learning for life partnership was formed I was working part time as the SENCo at Shavington Primary School. I took the lead in establishing a new 12 place Resource Provision for children with Autism at the school. This opened in January 2019 and I was then appointed to the full-time role of Deputy Headteacher and completed the NPQH qualification. This was an exciting time for the school as it expanded and underwent a significant building project. As Deputy Headteacher I was part of the Executive Team within the LfLP and enjoyed work with other leaders in the Partnership. This was especially useful as we all adapted to the ever-changing demands of educating during a global pandemic! In March 2020 I stepped up to support Wheelock Primary in the interim period before a permanent Principal was appointed. As a new headteacher I felt incredibly well supported and loved this new post so I applied for a permanent, substantive headship within the LfLP. I am now the proud Principal of Daven Primary School. This role enables me to use my SEN skills as well as my leadership experience. The opportunities I have had over a number of years have allowed me to develop my leadership skills and move into headship.