The Learning for Life Partnership

School Improvement

The Learning for Life Partnership’s approach to school improvement.

There is an obvious need for The Learning for Life Partnership to show it is providing the best possible value for public money. Through tried and tested organisational structures and clear analysis of the support needed we will only grow when we are sure that we have the capacity to deliver on promises made. As we grow, every Partnership member school will bring with it a capacity for us to better and more support all existing Partnership schools.

Do you want a fair and equitable education system where schools and their leader’s effect change? We believe that we can take advantage of the current education policy to achieve this and give like-minded schools a voice.

  • As an individual school, it is difficult to have your voice heard.
  • As a strong and successful network, we can and will be heard.
  • Doing nothing is not an option. If you want the best for all your school community then now is the time to make a decision.