The Learning for Life Partnership

Members and Trustees


Mr Mike Finney appointed 10.03.16 Dr Andy Hodgkinson - Acting Chair appointed 01.04.19
Mrs Lisa Hodgkison appointed 01.04.19  
Historic: Miss Alison Greatbanks from 06.10.16 to 31.08.21 Historic: Mrs Anita Miller from 27.09.17 to 31.08.21


Mr John Clough - Chair from 10.09.17 to 28.09.24 Mrs Sharon Dempsey from 07.12.17 to 07.12.21
Mr David Marren from 21.11.16 to 28.09.24 Miss Alison Greatbanks from 05.07.18 to 28.09.24
Mr Simon Kidwell from 29.03.19 to 28.03.23 Miss Lisa Colclough from 26.07.19 to 25.07.23

Miss Rangeeta Bhamra from 22.03.18 to 21.03.22

Ms Helen Ranson from 01/.04.21 to 31.03.25
Historic: Carol Birkett from 05.12.19 to 01.10.20 Mr Darren Kay from 05.11.21 to 05.11.25
Historic: Mike Finney  Vice Chair 10.03.16 - 08.07.21 Historic: Mr Dan Thomas - CEO & Accounting Officer appointed 01.12.15 to 01.04.21
Historic: Bernard Kellett from 10.12.20 to 09.07.21 Historic: Nicholas Adams from 03.10.19 to 09.07.21

Trustees Attendance for academic year 2019.2020 can be found in the document below.


The Trustees will assess the skills of the current Trustees at least once a year and if a professional skills gap is identified a strategy will be deployed to rectify this.  If there is a position available on the Board prospective candidates will be asked to consider a job description and complete an application form.

If you are interested in becoming a Trustee, please get in touch using the contact us form on this website.



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