The Learning for Life Partnership

Mission, Values and Aims

The Learning for Life Partnership Mission is “working in partnership to improve life chances for all.”

But what does that mean?

  • All children are equally important – within and beyond our schools – and deserve the opportunity to enjoy a high-quality, inclusive education.
  • By building effective partnerships and sharing experiences and practices, we will improve life chances for every child in our Partnership and across the wider system.
  • Through a supportive, nurturing culture and the best professional development opportunities, we will empower colleagues to make our schools and the system the best they can be.



  • Integrity: Everything we do is focused on supporting our pupils and staff, while striving for the good of the wider community.
  • Aspiration: Every pupil and member of staff should be empowered to realise the best possible version of themselves and given the tools to get there.
  • Respect: We value, celebrate and admire individual difference, and encourage everyone to be themselves.
  • Courage: We are unafraid of ambition, and have high standards for our pupils, schools and Partnership as a whole. We stand up for what is right for the entire community.



  • Aspirational Education: Creating an environment which enables pupils and staff alike to continually develop and thrive.
  • Inspirational Leadership: Providing direction at every level, from the classroom through to the wider education sector.
  • Effective Partnerships: Embracing the individual differences and strengths which define each of our people and schools to create a sum which is bolder, braver, and more imaginative than the sum of its parts.